My Drive, My Passion. 

I guess it begins before I was even thought of.

My father was a black & White specialist for a London media company back in the 80's

When I was young I would trot along with him and watch in wonder as he processed in a dark room.

I have always been somewhat arty in my life, But never would I ever dream of photographing weddings.

The mere thought of it would make me nervous.

After I bought my first decent DSLR camera, my lucky chance came, via an old school pal.

6 years later and almost 80 weddings photographed i'm still here to tell the story.

Landscape and travel photography are my other passions.

My style of photography is natural I would like to think,capturing moments that I witness behind my lens gives me great pleasure, it truly is the best job in the world.

And hopefully all my clients would agree, I give 100% service with a warm and friendly professional personality.

Thanks for reading.